Hello there!

My name is Dartanyon and Radiant Story is my little web shop. This is where I get to, be creative, connect with nice folks, and make compelling, standards compliant websites using WordPress.

I’ve been making sites on the web since the CompuServe days [for you kids, that means a long time]. At first because I loved to tinker around online, later because I wanted to share informational with family and friends. Now that the internet has become mainstream, I see the tremendous advantages that it affords us when trying to connect companies/brands with customers.

I do focus a lot of my energies in making websites for non-profits on tight budgets. I feel it is a little karmic intervention to help connect those in need, with those with means. While this does give me a warm fuzzy feeling, it doesn’t exactly pay the bills so I take on some paying clients as well.

Lots of folks wonder why I focus on wordpress … well it simple really. It’s simple. WordPress makes the base of a lovely, easy to use, easy to customize, standards complaint website. Once a little XHTML and CSS styling have been applied WordPress becomes what you make it. A custom website, a blog, an address book, a portfolio. It is a flexible tool, with a strong foundation.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me, feel free to contact me with any questions at all.