The SoundersFC – Full 90 Commercials


I had a great deal of fun taking care of all of the assets for this lastest series of SoundersFC commercials for Wexley School for Girls.

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MLS & Xbox Home Invasion Sweepstakes


I had the pleasure of managing the assets for this one day shoot at Century Link Field.

Lucia Jewelry



Rocker Cristina Bautista


When friend and awesome musician Cristina Bautista was shopping around for a new site, she had some very specific needs. Integration with existing sales channels, the ability to play [but not pirate] her tracks, and something to show off her concert schedule.


Alchemy Tours – Facebook Landing Page


[pullquote]ALchemy Tours was looking to add a little pizzaz to their Facebook presence, so I designed them a little landing/welcome page to help get their fans to move to being their customers.[/pullquote]

Alchemy Tours


[pullquote]My new friends at Alchemy Tours are hot on the scene of the Eco Tourism craze. They are a globe trotting, fun loving, pair that run yoga-cycling centric tour service. Our biggest challenge was trying to capture that energy in motion in a brand, website, and social media presence.[/pullquote]


Seasons For Cake


[pullquote]This lovely blog was looking for a fresh look on a fresh host. We were able to accomodate them on both accounts. We created a quaint template that they really love.[/pullquote]
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I’m nearly done


Now that the site is looking nearly the way I’d like. It’s just going to take me a little time to move all of the content in. If you happen to end up here before then, please think about coming back again soon, and having another look. Thanks!

Giannoni’s Pizza


[pullquote]A family owned and operated neighborhood pizzeria in West Seattle, that opened in August 2007. They exisited pretty well for a couple of years without a website, but soon discovered that with a presence online and on facebook they could reach a lot more people, and better interact with their customers.[/pullquote]

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Tom Jenz America


[pullquote]For twenty-five years, through photography and writing, Tom has been trying to capture the spirit and soul of America through its evaporating frontier icons: the small towns like Wayside, the farmers, the cowboys, the Indians, the storytellers and the characters that make up the wide open spaces of America. We help to bring his vision to the web.[/pullquote]
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