A Digital asset manager is fast becoming one of the most crucial roles to have on a set or location. There of lots of things that can and will go wrong on your shoot, but nearly none hurts as much as losing all of the data due to carelessness, lack of time or proper backing up and archiving of the most important thing on set, the video / images.

I should probably forewarn you, I am obsessive about data. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing. The last thing anyone wants to do is explain to a client or boss, why we need to re-shoot the whole thing.

It’s going to go a little like this.

// data is going to out of the camera[s] and in to my waiting hands [not an assistant, or pa]

// i’m gonna run it over to my work station, and download it to my fastest raid drives

// i’m going to organize it however you’d like [or with no direction, how i think is best]

// i’m going to make an exact copy of the data each time it’s been dumped on a different drive [this drive could be yours or mine, if it’s mine we’ll get to those details in a sec.]

// at the end of the day, i’m going to hand you over a drive *

// i’m going to take that other drive to my secret lair and copy all the contents to a secure raid array. reason? shit happens, and when it does i like to be covered. something happens to the data on your end, you get to count on me for having it backed up, for 30 days.

I’ve dam’ed for the likes of …


I d.a.m. for $750 per [10-hour] day. That gets you all your standard asset management services, plus a few bonuses …

  • 2nd ac duties // not a full on 2nd ac, but at the very least, someone who can wrangle some cords, move client monitors around, use a clapper, and grab a set of sticks for ya.
  • 30 days of archive at my secret data lair // for 30 days I’ll hold on to your un-adulterated data in case something horrible should befall your copy. If it makes you feel good for me to have that data forever, say backup and archiving at your place of business are a little lackluster, well then i’ll
    store stuff for you, $20 per tera-byte per month, or $15 per month with an annual contract. helluva deal for piece of mind.
  • 72 hours with my location drives // After our shoot day is done you are going to want to get all those wonderful 1s and 0s back to your joint, if you don’t have your own drives or just want to use mine [and why wouldn’t you want to? my drives are all speedy little raids with tons of interfaces and the capacity to hold all of the wonderful images and video we are going to make.] If you need my drives for a longer period of time, you will be billed $75 per week, in weekly increments. until I have them back. heck, maybe you even love my little drive, it’s yours for $300, we can make those arrangements before hand or during or after.

If you provide the client drives, and they are tired, old, tiny or slow, and it effects how I can preform my duties, I may at my discretion use only my equipment, forcing the above scenario.